Depression is Not from Me

I see you lying there alone,

You’re afraid and your heart’s in pain.

Your mind keeps telling you things are awful and

That your life is all in vain.

I hear your thoughts, I see your hurt,

I see the snare you’re in.

You ask me to come fetch you now;

That life is a battle you can’t win.

You keep the bad things from the past,

You judge yourself each day.

You do not believe for a single second,

That help is on the way.

You tried all pills and went to doctors;

You thought they might help you through,

But My child, has it ever occurred to you,

That I am always right here for you?

You put your faith in your own capabilities,

And that will always fail.

For as long as you are ensnared by Satan,

It will always feel like jail.

My child, you’re here because you’ve decided,

The lies he tells you are true.

You have decided that he is the only one that

Knows the truth about you.

You are riddled with guilt and shame,

And unforgiveness toward yourself as well.

You await the end, every single day,

so you no longer have to go through this hell.


Dear Son/Daughter of mine

Please believe me when I say:

I am standing here by you,

Arms stretched open, every day!

I have defeated the world,

And all the pain within

There is nothing greater than me,

I have forgiven ALL your sin.

I give you life ever-lasting,

And the fruits of the Spirit as well

That is love, peace, patience and kindness,

Faithfulness and JOY as well

Within Me lies the cure for you,

You just need to trust in me.

I am the Morning star that shines through darkness;

And that is what I want you to see!

So Child, near to me as I near to you

Right beside you I will be.

And as I heal you, you’ll finally know that,

Depression is NOT from Me.

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