How I Finally Found My Confidence in Christ​

Christian Life Coaching Changed My Life

For most of my life I can recall always trying to "fix" things myself. I would try every single diet under the sun in order to feel worthy. I would fall in with what other’s planned for my life and just let life "happen" to me. I was raised in a Christian home, but my vision of who God is, was completely warped. I always thought God is waiting to punish me for every single bad deed.

In High School, I suffered a terrible knee injury which resulted in me not being able to participate in sports. My weight kept piling up and my confidence kept flying out of the window. I tried all the diets under the sun and every single time I lost weight, I would feel I am confident, worthy and unstoppable. I would soon find the weight comes right back when I stopped the diet and then my confidence would drop again. This yo-yo lifestyle kept me having a shallow measuring stick of my existence and with each diet, not once did I ask God to help me.

I also wasn’t always a Christian Life Coach. I used to be an Optometrist, doing a job that was certainly not suited for me or even my passion, purely to make those around me, happy.

My confidence used to always be circumstantial and linked to what my family thought of me, what my friends thought of me, how much I weigh or how much money I can make in a career.

I soon found myself in a drinking spree, trying to escape the clutches of my existence. Trying to escape the feelings of "I am not good/skinny/clever/worthy enough". Needless to say all the drinking made me feel MUCH worse about myself. I started to wither away into the background. I stopped feeling confident to drive or even to go work. I placed myself in the safe comfortable small position of being a stay at home wife, hiding behind all my husband’s achievements.

If it wasn’t for God freeing me from the clutches of the enemy, I don’t think I would have been alive today, but He gave me a transformational second chance!

Through Christian Life Coaching, He showed me the truth about who He is, the lies I have been believing about myself for all these years and also showed me my full potential! He unlocked SO much inside of me, that I will NEVER dream of going back to my old life again! He saved me from feeling unworthy, from comparing myself to others and also cured me from addictions. He showed me what true love is, how He wants me to see myself and He unlocked this dynamic power within me to truly live out my full potential, with His, and only His approval and guidance.

Today I am a confident women in Christ who no longer let’s the worldly scale dictate or determine my self worth, I politely decline when I want to say no, I know my worth, I am dynamic and I find immense joy being exactly who I am, and although I will never have it all figured out, I know one thing: I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me, and that makes me unstoppable!

I want this for you too! Let me help you to achieve the same results. Don’t hesitate, click the button below to book your Pre-Coaching Explore session, and let your own mindset be transformed, with God’s guidance!

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